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Structured Marketing

What makes structured marketing effective?

We believe marketing falls into two broad areas: Principles and Practices.

Our wish is to help clients become more successful by improving profitability. This might be by selling more at the same price, selling less for more or ideally more for more. Perhaps through effective positioning of brands or by creating a new brand. This could apply to a company brand or a product brand. Clearly defined visual identities and key messages are central to making it well structured. Whilst marketing principles may not have changed dramatically, practices most certainly have. None more so than marketing implementation and application. Routes to market have been transformed.


Information Rich

Today's marketing environment has changed as a result of evolved consumer behaviour and organisational buying behaviour. Accurate market segmentation and positioning can be facilitated through effective research and information systems. This gives us a real opportunity to understand your marketing objectives and deliver a precise, effective solution to maximise return on marketing investment.


Consider all components

Four Ps but not in a pod. Whilst most of us are familiar with product, price, promotion and place, one of our biggest challenges today is how we span the marketing mix over traditional and digital channels. With broad experience gained over many years in analogue and  digital marketing channels, we can help to put some clarity on the table. It's about getting the right mix and then choosing the best mix of channels. Marketing Mix and Communication Channels Mix.


The right way to do it

Let's create a strong bridge with your clients by analysing competitors and creating a competitive advantage. Let's get them to our side by making them feel safe about the journey and the experience. And when we are at it, let's create a bit of cost leadership and a big differential advantage. Developing competitive marketing strategies doesn't need to be scary when the bridge is strong.


Getting through it

Before any bridge is built there may be those who will say it can't be done. We understand that anxiety. We also understand that there will often be resistance to marketing implementation and change. By building relationships and faith in the marketing project we generally overcome barriers to the implementation of the marketing concept. And if we can't, its not that our client was intransigent, it was that our concept wasn't robust or that we couldn't convince them of its merits. Either way, if it wasn't good enough, we go back to the drawing board until we get the best solution. We believe that it's equally important to make a strong bridge look strong.