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Why 3fiftysixmedia

3fiftysix media is a boutique marketing, design and photographic agency, offering clients sophisticated marketing communication solutions to help secure today and prepare for tomorrow.


Market conditions are changing: what was successful yesterday may not be enough anymore. The future is uncertain. As well as protecting what you have today, you also have to build what you will need for tomorrow.
As an experienced team we are dedicated to understanding our clients' marketing communications which underpins our cross-platform design solutions. By investing time from the outset of our working relationship, we are able to appreciate often complex business needs and add value to your company. Once we comprehend our client's project requirements only then do we design innovative and inspired solutions. Marketing communications objectives are met resulting in business growth.
Our client-focused approach dovetails creativity and innovation. With quality operational processes, we ensure consistent results for some of the world's leading companies. Whether our clients are SMEs, national or international organisations, we offer the same comprehensive client care through high-level account management.

3fiftysix media – personal, creative, innovative and structured solutions that add value to your business. For today and fit for tomorrow.



3fiftysix media exists to provide clients with marketing and visual media consultancy to deliver structured marketing and creative communications across the digital and print media spectrum.

Our key solutions are:

  • Corporate and product visual identities
  • Creation of visual assets consistent with marketing communications strategies
  • Integrated cross platform digital media for; web design & build, web to print, email, PURLs, text and social media
  • Publishing, design and production solutions for premium corporate books
  • Digital presentation media
  • Exhibition design and build
  • Professional video production with editing suite, illustration, stills photography and post production image manipulation
  • Professional grade scanning and digitisation of analogue visual assets such as transparencies, prints, paintings and illustrations
  • Print management expertise which reduces cost, accelerates time to market and improves your environmental footprint



Attentive, committed, dynamic, friendly and determined to excel. We believe that we live these in our vision, mission and values.


  • Identify opportunities to achieve client & company objectives
  • Provide most effective solutions efficiently whilst maximising return on marketing investment
  • Always seek improvement and growth and measure results
  • Achieve collaboration for creative concepts through people and results orientation
  • Challenge existing processes and principles to enhance client profitability



The 3fiftysix media concept was born from an inspirational athletic performance by Chris O'Hare, a young British athlete in which he ran a mile indoors in a time of 3 minutes and 56 seconds. The performance, ranked 4th in the world, was the fastest indoors by a British Athlete in 2011 and the 2nd fastest ever by a Scot. This performance, whilst noteworthy, was simply a milestone in a journey of continuous improvement underpinned by absolute determination to achieve the best possible objective. A commitment to such milestones is supported by an infrastructure of supportive team members in a dynamic and progressive environment.

Whilst in pursuit of athletic excellence the achievements were complemented by embracing a social responsibility by caring for young children suffering from cancer. Through voluntary work with patients at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, the athlete has shown a friendly and caring attribute of equal importance, balancing results and people orientation. These are exactly the tenets upon which 3fiftysix media build its corporate attitudes and defining principles.

The analogy to 3fiftysix media is the pursuit of world-class standards, which reflect physical, and psychological determination, a commitment to excel, balanced with determination to achieve results whilst embracing the importance of symbiotic team involvement. 3fiftysix media provides clients with innovative media solutions in line with their marketing strategies. Such media solutions cover a broad myriad of channels from high level publishing through quality print media to web and cross platform digital applications.


3fiftysix media's visual identity encompasses all of these principles in its design concept. Our typeface is 'Roboto' which is a clear, bold and precise typestyle reproduced in solid black giving maximum contrast and strength of character. 3fiftysix represents a world-class performance at a point in time. It is merely a strong platform from which to improve. Nothing more, nothing less. The hyphen represents a baton, passed from one team member to another facilitating greater team results. It also indicates that the 'media' solution is raised 'above the bar.'

In 2013 Chris O'Hare became British Champion, broke the indoor Scottish & NCAA records for the mile and 1500m, ran 3:35 for 1500m and reached the final of the 1500m at the 14th IAAF World Championships in Moscow, Russia, In this same period 3fiftysix media has gone from strength to strength, delivering very significant 'return on marketing investment' to its clients through our determined and friendly application of our principles.



Location - Local, national, international, we'd be happy to have a chat to see how we can help you with your marketing and communications challenges.

If you are in the area, why not pop in for a chat? If you would like us to visit you, just give us a call or drop us an email. We'll be there in a flash.